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Dreamer Cover Reveal!

Check out the shiny cover for Dreamer! Release date is August 27. I’ll post the preorder link as soon as it’s live. But for now, here’s Dreamer, the final installment of the Rise of the Fianna trilogy!


With the power gained from the completion of the Triad, Fianna Prime has finally defeated Kylian. But Rhys doesn’t get the time to enjoy his mate and start a family of their own, as he’s always wanted.

The end of their worst enemy is only the beginning of a new nightmare.

Sloane Beirne has an even more diabolical plan than his former Alpha envisioned. He’s opening portals and releasing beasts that don’t belong in this realm. The bloodthirsty monsters are merely a distraction to keep Rhys from uncovering his true plan.

And their latest enemy isn’t the only issue they face. Brianna may be living in Fianna Prime, using her magic to aid in the fight, but her loyalties are still unknown. Rhys and Makenna’s disagreement over blooding her into the pack is fueling the rift growing between them.

What was supposed to be a time of peace has turned into more upheaval.

Long buried secrets are thrust into the light. The ties that bind family and pack are challenged as they never have been before. Can Rhys and Makenna stop Sloane before he tears them and their pack apart? Or will the shadows of the past swallow them whole?


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New books coming this year!

Resurgence – Book 3.5 of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles

Dreamer – The final installment of the Rise of the Fianna Trilogy

Books 1 & possibly 2 of my new series Cimmerian Ridge

Plus, you may get even more of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles!






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Awakened, book 2 of the Rise of the Fianna, is here! Get your copy here on Amazon!

Or, go to the bookshelf tab and order your signed copy!

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Reformation: The Beginning, the TRWC prequel novella, is now live on Amazon and Kobo, and it’s FREE! Go to the Warrior’s Bookshelf tab to get your copy!


Resilience, book 3 in The Reluctant Warrior Chronicles, is here!








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