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Signing Schedule for 2020

All signing events for the year have been cancelled or postponed. I’m going to miss seeing all of your smiling faces, our fun antics, and the amazing road trips! Here’s to hoping next year will be a hell of a lot better! Stay safe. Love & hugs!


Reckoning is available for preorder!

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It’s also in KU!


Lucifer is coming, and one of their own might be riding with him.

Raising the two most powerful warriors of their time hasn’t been a picnic. But Liz and Ryland have done their best to guide them. They’ve squashed every demonic attempt to snatch the boys, annihilating any enemy in their path.

Yet they failed to neutralize the greatest threat to their world.

Their own son, Connor.

Liz senses an aura of darkness within Connor, and knows it’s not normal teenage rebellion. Ryland is conscious of a disconnect from the boy he’s raised as his own, but can’t bridge the chasm. Neither of them want to disrupt the relative peace they’ve found, but the persistent visions of Connor’s fall from grace are omens they can’t ignore.

The entire Vaughn clan is poised on a crucial precipice in this final installment of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles.

Will they win this battle and preserve the life they’ve fought so hard to build?

Or will Connor help Lucifer bring their world to its knees, obliterating their hearts in the process?



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