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Signing Schedule for 2020

All signing events for the year have been cancelled or postponed. I’m going to miss seeing all of your smiling faces, our fun antics, and the amazing road trips! Here’s to hoping next year will be a hell of a lot better! Stay safe. Love & hugs!


Redemption is live!

Click here and grab your copy now!

It’s also in KU!



Sometimes gifts can become curses.

As a heart reader, Nate Vaughn sees into other’s souls. Their hopes, dreams, fears, and even their futures. He’s flirted with disaster all his life, fighting his abilities and himself. He never thought reading the soul of his own nephew would be the catalyst that would finally push him over the edge.
To protect his family and redeem himself from his past, he’s determined to carry out a daring plan that could derail all the progress he’s made.

Now that they’ve begun to bond, Ilona Romenenko shares Nate’s emotions, thoughts, and sometimes his visions.

The glimpses they’ve seen of Connor’s destiny have her struggling to hold Nate together, while keeping herself on an even keel. Easier said than done when disastrous news, a myriad of enemies, and their own personal demons are writing a symphony of destruction that could end the harmony they’ve created.

Can they conquer the monsters within and protect themselves while trying to ensure the future for their family?
Or will the path they’re on lead to more heartache and agony than they could ever imagine



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