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The Reluctant Warrior Chronicles are back, and better than ever!


Resilience is live!!!

On Amazon for 0.99 and available on Kindle Unlimited! Click on the cover to grab your copy!


The fiercest warriors emerge from the most brutal storms.

As Liz and Ryland Vaughn settle in to married life, all seems perfect and quiet. Too quiet.

Being a warrior doesn’t allow for peace.

They’ve fought hard to survive every threat that’s risen against them. But nothing they’ve encountered has prepared them for the hell they’re about to face.

One vicious moment throws their world into upheaval and rips their hearts to shreds.

Wanting to get away from it all, they accept a mission to New Orleans. They hope the time away will repair the rift between them. But the chasm only widens as they confront an enemy so subtly horrific, they don’t even know they’re falling until it’s too late.

As they descend into darkness, Liz’s past once again rears its ugly head. This time, it takes Ryland along for the ride.

Can Liz and Ryland undo the damage to their marriage and hang on to each other while completing their mission? Or will they fall to temptation and lose everything they’ve fought so hard for?



Resistance is live!!!

Available on Amazon and KU.

Click here to get your copy!


Nate Vaughn lives in Ryland’s shadow. He’s always been known as the screwup, never comparing to his perfect warrior brother. After their parents die, he embraces a world of greed and destruction. There, the pain can’t reach him. There, he is strong, using his power to gain the status he craves, doing whatever it takes to get what he wants.
He is untouchable. He is in control. Or so he thinks.
Ilona Romenenko is a survivor. She has endured unimaginable torment at the hands of evil and remains unbroken. Her objective: to save those who suffer as she did. She encases the deepest parts of her heart in steel to protect herself from further agony. Her mission has consumed her life, leaving no room for anything more.
She is untouchable. She is in control. Or so she thinks.
When they are called to fight side by side, their pasts collide, forcing them to face their demons and the growing feelings between them, stealing precious control. Will Nate let go of his past–and will Ilona open her heart–before the darkness that haunts them destroys them both?


Rebirth - Make It Go Away




Signing Schedule for 2020

All signing events for the year have been cancelled or postponed. I’m going to miss seeing all of your smiling faces, our fun antics, and the amazing road trips! Here’s to hoping next year will be a hell of a lot better! Stay safe. Love & hugs!




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New books coming this year!

Resurgence – Book 3.5 of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles

Dreamer – The final installment of the Rise of the Fianna Trilogy

Books 1 & possibly 2 of my new series Cimmerian Ridge

Plus, you may get even more of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles!






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Awakened, book 2 of the Rise of the Fianna, is here! Get your copy here on Amazon!

Or, go to the bookshelf tab and order your signed copy!

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Reformation: The Beginning, the TRWC prequel novella, is now live on Amazon and Kobo, and it’s FREE! Go to the Warrior’s Bookshelf tab to get your copy!


Resilience, book 3 in The Reluctant Warrior Chronicles, is here!








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