Brainstorming Goals For Your Scenes – Help! Limp Noodle Attack

Here are some great tips that have a big payoff! I know at times I find myself writing something that is more for my benefit than actually furthering the story. I get sidetracked and distracted by it. Remembering these questions helps me stay focused.

Thoughts On Plot

Photo by kenis Photo by kenis

Overcooked pasta can be truly nasty! Mushy, flavored like runny starch, it settles in your stomach like a hairball in a cat. Not the most appetizing dinner.

In our writing we often find our scenes as flat as an overcooked noodle. Why don’t they pop off of the page? Why are they boring? Why does it feel as if nothing is happening in the scene?

Chances are you are under a limp noodle attack.

There are a few things that can make your scenes flat enough to leave a mealy taste in a reader’s mouth. How can you change your scene to have conflict, tension, and readers clamoring for the next scene?

Brainstorming Goals For Your Scenes:

Without definitive goals your scenes will fall flat. You already know about goals and scenes, but you can’t figure out yours? Try brainstorming in this progression:

*Determine if the scene…

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