Fifteen Reasons why I fell in love with Realm Makers

The New Authors Fellowship

Authors Assemble

The night I made it back from the conference I grabbed a notebook and started writing down all the things I loved about Realm Makers. The list was pretty huge. I narrowed it down to fifteen.

1. Likeminded People: When I walked into the conference room on Thursday night and saw Jeff Gerke as Luke Skywalker and Adrienne Niceley as Princess Leia, my first thought was, wow, these really are my kind of people.

2. Unique Sessions: Where else would I get the chance hear about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars in the same session? One thing that really struck me was Jeff Gerke’s early bird session. It was so freeing when he talked about story being first. I tend to focus so much on making sure that it’s technically correct that I lose the sense of story. I can’t wait to go back over my manuscript with…

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