Safe or Interesting?

Wise and honest words from a friend of mine.
Christianity isn’t all about the warm fuzzies. It involves real people in real situations with real problems. Everything isn’t cut and dry, and there’s not always a happy ending. Shouldn’t our fiction reflect that? What do you think?

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boring bookI recently read a story by a well-known author who is highly acclaimed in the Christian market. And, unfortunately, I was underwhelmed. The writing was clean, some (not all) of the characters were well-rounded and interesting, and there were some moments of good tension, but I felt like it had a lot of unmet potential. Some of the characters could’ve used a much deeper arc, and there was a lot of setup that didn’t really go anywhere.

The plot was decent, but it felt more like the characters traipsing from here to there and having obstacles fizzle out before they really got going, rather than a struggle to complete the objective.

In thinking about it and discussing it, I came to the conclusion that the reason this author is (and other authors are) acclaimed in the CBA is because they’re safe. On my personal blog a couple weeks ago, I…

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By Amy Brock McNew

Author. Blogger. Fighter.

Former nurse and martial artist.

Amy doesn’t just write speculative fiction, she lives and breathes it. She enthusiastically explores the strange, the supernatural, and the wonderfully weird. She pours her guts onto the pages she writes, honestly and brutally revealing herself in the process. Nothing is off limits. Her favorite question is “what if?” and she believes fiction can be truer than our sheltered and controlled realities.

This wife and mom is a lover of music, chocolate, the beach, and cherry vanilla Coke. Her home is a zoo, filled with teenagers–both hers and those she seems to collect–two dogs, a cat, and various fish and amphibians. Strangely enough, her kids are the ones who have to tell her to turn the music down.

It is her firm belief that everyone should have a theme song.

Originally from Arkansas, Amy currently resides in Indiana. She and her Taekwondo-instructor husband are constantly acting like overgrown kids–and loving every minute of it. She longs for the day when her husband retires, so she can write her adventures of love and war on a back porch overlooking the ocean.

In flip flops.

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