The Day I Decided I Didn’t Want to Live Anymore

Suzy Says:

Have you ever had an empty feeling in you? A void that was so deep and hungry, that costs your human spirit unrest, uneasiness, and desperation to get out of this ridiculous system called life?

No human affection, no promise of hope, and no logical reasoning could get you out of the hole that never slumbers or silences. There lies a heavy dark sadness, shrouded in uncertainty and guilt that you are wasting valuable time; valuable time meant to spend finding truth, or some means to a purpose. And even deeper lies the chaotic, lingering nightmare of your psyche: that there is absolutely no point in your existence.

You ask yourself, “Why am I so unhappy? I have people that love me. I have security. I have opportunity. I have material objects that bring leisure and pleasure to my life. I have everything I need.”

But yet you…

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