Retribution Cover Reveal!

🔥🔥🔥 Surprise Cover Reveal! 🔥🔥🔥

It’s that time! Retribution releases next Tuesday, the 21st, and I’ve got the cover for ya! I’m so excited. This is book 6 of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles, which means the series is almost complete! Read on to see how I’m gonna tear your heart out this time. 😉
A new power is rising. One that may threaten the team from within…
Liz and Ryland Vaughn’s life is finally peaceful. Sort of. With a toddler who’s a handful of rabid energy and already displaying extraordinary gifts, and Liz being six months pregnant and cranky, things are hardly calm. But the demons seem to have backed down for the moment. In fact, it’s been unusually quiet on the battle front.
Too quiet.
So when multiple new people enter their lives at once, they are understandably suspicious. Especially when they receive word that an old enemy has returned, and Lucifer has set his sights on not only them, but their children.
The threats against them are mounting by the day. Tensions are rising among the team as they fight to protect Liz and Connor, and discover who the new elite demon is that’s leading the charge for Lucifer.
But while they’re focused on the growing peril around them, the possibility of an even greater danger grows within the team. A danger that could tear their family apart.
Can they defeat their enemies without becoming the very thing they battle against?

Or will the rising threat in their own ranks destroy them all?


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