Heart of a Hero

In the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles, I write about heroes and heroines who fight demons. But what makes them heroes? Is it the way they face down the enemy on the battlefield? Is it because they reach out to help those around them, or rescue those in untenable situations? Is it because they rally together to encourage … More Heart of a Hero

Guts on the Page

~This will be a long post, even for me. Bear with me. I am showing you my heart. Once again, I am flaying myself wide and laying my #GutsOnThePage. This won’t be elegant or ground-breaking. It’s just me, pouring my soul out and writing it down as it flows.~ This warrior’s heart is broken today, … More Guts on the Page

The Parable Award

Originally posted on Faith & Fantasy Alliance:
by Bethany Kaczmarec The Parable Award If you missed the announcement about the Realm Award and the Genre Awards check them out. The Parable Award is different—it’s all about the visual effect. The Parable recognizes the best-designed cover on a speculative fiction book directed to the Christian or…