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The Overactive Imagination


Sorry for the radio silence recently. Short explanation is I’ve been super busy/lazy. 🙂 But I got the idea for this post at lunch the other day, so I figured I’d continue with the series that started with my Princess Bride posts. Using Firefly/90% of all the best Wash quotes. 🙂

Haven’t seen the Princess Bride posts yet? Check out Part 1, and Part 2.


When your characters decide they want to do something else-

When you get too excited handing out character deaths-

When procrastination hits you hard-

Sometimes going back and reading your writing is like-

Sometimes worldbuilding is hard…

When the plot bunnies spiral out of control-

We all want that giant royalty check, but…

Trying to explain your brilliant story idea to someone. But words…

Reminiscing about that plot twist that readers hate you for-

So there you have it. 🙂 Did…

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Bernie the Cowboy is Here!

Have you met the Promiscus Guardians? If not, here's your introduction. I've heard a lot about Bernie the mischievous cowboy guardian, and I can't wait to meet him! Author Brianna West brings the fun, the adventure, and the heat with this third installment. But enough with me rambling about it. Here's the blurb and an... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal for Reformation

I think I've teased and tormented you enough!  It's time to finally reveal the truth about the secret project! I've already told you it's a novelette, and that it'll be free. There will only be one way to get this story, and that's by signing up for my newsletter when it debuts in two weeks.... Continue Reading →

Hart of the Storm by Skye Turner

Today I'm all about romance and music! Nothing really new there, but what is new? Skye Turner's latest, Hart of the Storm! Skye captured my interest with this one as soon as she started dropping hints and teasers. Music and sexy/sweet romance? I'm there! Plus, I already love everything else Skye has put out. I... Continue Reading →

Spark! Into the World of J.M. Hackman

I'm so excited to kick off the blog tour for J.M. Hackman's debut portal fantasy, Spark! In this post, we have a visual extravaganza for your eyes to devour. J.M talks about the inspiration for her characters, we get a small tour of the land of Linneah, and we have a special treat. Today, I... Continue Reading →

Into the Mind of Amy Brock McNew

A little flashback from last year. I loved doing this interview!

Faith & Fantasy Alliance

Spekkies, today we have author Amy Brock McNew with us! Get ready to delve into her mind.

Hi Amy!  What are you most looking forward to about attending this year’s conference?

Well, for one, Tosca Lee is going to be there. Hanging out with her is always a riot. The Nerf war is a highlight for me. We have some extraordinary faculty this year, so the classes are going to rock. Most of all, this year my husband and son are coming with me. I’m excited to introduce them to my tribe, and they’re stoked about learning more about the publishing world.

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Cover Reveal for Antoinette’s Fall

I'm stoked to bring to you the cover reveal for Sloane Nichole's debut Paranormal Romance! Already firmly established in contemporary romance, author Skye Turner is joining us over here on the dark side! She's tapping into her massive talent to bring us tales full of fantastical creatures, magic, and of course, her trademark steamy romance.... Continue Reading →

Heart of a Hero

In the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles, I write about heroes and heroines who fight demons. But what makes them heroes? Is it the way they face down the enemy on the battlefield? Is it because they reach out to help those around them, or rescue those in untenable situations? Is it because they rally together to encourage... Continue Reading →

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