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Cover Reveal & Pre-order for Michelle Dare!

When the first book in this stand alone series, Where I End, came out, I devoured it. It’s real, raw, and confronts head on topics others won’t touch. It gutted me and I loved every minute of it. So when I got word that the next book, Where I am, was releasing on February 22, I knew I had to spread the news. Below is the reveal of the cover, the blurb, and all the info you need to pre-order and keep up with everything going on in Michelle’s writing world.

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Now, here’s the cover and blurb for Where I Am!

where i am ebook



He was the man of my dreams, or so I thought. I wasn’t sure how I’d react when I saw him again. I planned on avoiding him, but our small hometown made that impossible. The years apart melted away when I saw him. Time hadn’t changed my feelings, after all. Jealousy flared anew. My heart, which I thought had healed, was back to being in a million pieces.

Now I’m right where I don’t want to be—in front of him with tears in my eyes.


Everything isn’t always as it seems. One moment could cause a ripple effect with unexpected consequences that last for years. Not a day had gone by that I didn’t think of her. When our paths crossed again, I knew I had to tell her the truth. Arguing was inevitable, but I’d rather fight for her than face another day without her. My heart always belonged to her.

Where I am is standing in front of her—asking for another chance.



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Author Bio:
Michelle Dare is a romance author. Her stories range from sweet to sinful and from new adult to fantasy. There aren’t enough hours in the day for her to write all of the story ideas in her head. When not writing or reading, she’s a wife and mom living in eastern Pennsylvania. One day she hopes to be writing from a beach where she will never have to see snow or be cold again.


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A Little Surprise From Resilience



I haven’t posted a blog in a while, so I figured it was time and you guys were due a treat. How about a sneak peek at a scene from Resilience, book 3 of TRWC, coming in June?

Thought you might like that.

Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart. But really, when is any of my writing? 😉

It’s a scene with the demon Tiriana, whom you met at the end of Reconciliation, and Lucifer’s first appearance in the series.

This is uncut and unedited.


beautiful young vampire woman


Tiriana slithered between the tables, breathing in the smoky air, letting the pulse of the music, the movement of gyrating bodies, and the living darkness soak into her system.

Chambré du Diablé. This was her domain. Here, she was queen.
She surveyed the dancers on their perches, half dressed and writhing. Some demon. Some human. All under her command.
The bartenders gave her small waves and chin lifts as they went about their duties behind the immaculate bar. The forty foot long installation was actually an aquatic tank, full of eels and predatory fish. Red lights cast a haunting glow throughout the water, making it look as though the creatures were swimming from the bowels of Hell.
She advance toward the VIP area, sashaying through the booths, giving passing greetings to the dignitaries there. Each customer gave her a warm welcome. Most a little too eager to get close to her, to win her favor. As were her employees.
Ah, it was good to be queen.
She wound her way up the curved staircase to her office.
She paused before opening the door. The sensation of spiders crawling over her skin was her first indication of his presence.
She both loved and hated the experience.
His power reached out and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing with the most delightful pain. A heated, liquid lust roared through her veins. Oh, he was in quite the mood. That could either bode very well for her, or mean her bloody end.
Letting her own power center her, she pulled back her shoulders, lifted her chin, and opened the door.
The object of her centuries-long obsession sprawled in the plush leather chair behind her desk, sucking all of the oxygen and light from the room. She had to admit, she loved this latest mortal form he’d chosen.
Tall, extremely well-built, with just a hint of animal contained in immaculately tailored clothes. And blonde. As always. His golden locks had been the envy of many for ages. Beautiful. That was the only way to describe him. Absolute perfection. So legendary, the Father had had his epic beauty written about in His precious Book.
Lucifer. The morning star. The apple of the Father’s eye. Retro 1900 modern fashion man. Wearing blue jeans shirt with gilet and trousers. Black hat. Studio shot against black.
But as with all of the fallen, it was only an illusion. What lay beneath the mortal meat sacks they’d chosen was now ruined. Regardless, they could still enjoy what they had while they had it.
“Tiriana.” His smooth, low voice reached out with a velvet touch. Velvet with spikes.
He rose from the chair in one fluid, controlled movement. As he crossed the room to meet her in front of the wall of glass, he slid the fedora from his head and tossed it. It landed perfectly on the hat rack in the corner.
His eyes sparked as he took her measure. “You are looking quite exquisite this evening.” He ran his fingers down her arm, catching her hand in his. With a small flourish, he pressed his lips to her skin. “You never disappoint.” The expectation in his eyes impaled her.
He was telling her in no uncertain terms what he demanded. Perfection. If she failed, there would be literal Hell to pay. For her, it would be worse than the others.
The volatile waves rolling from him told her his mood could go either way, depending on her response. Well then, she’d have to see to it that his temperament swayed in her favor.
“You flatter me, sire.” Tiriana didn’t bat her eyelashes, didn’t blush. No, she leaned in to kiss his cheek, then met his gaze with equal intensity. “I will not fail you.”
“Oh, of that I have no doubt.” One hand gripped her hip with barely contained power. The other traced the lace that tied her bustier. “I do love this contraption.” He ran his finger to the top, tugged hard, and then led her across the room. “First, business. Tell me, what news of your current assignment? Have you found a weakness in the human warriors?” He settled into a chair, pulling her onto his lap.
“Of course. It’s my specialty. Well, one of them.” She ran her fingernail along his jaw, tilting her head to lick a path behind it. Getting him in a better mood wasn’t a hardship. “They are ripe for what I have in mind. How Markus and Kade managed to screw it up, I’ll never understand. I, on the other hand, will prevail.” She nipped at his neck.
“Hm. You’d better.” He traced a hand up her spine. Abruptly, he fisted her hair and pulled, past the point of pain, forcing her to look him in the eye. The move was a sharp contrast to his previous gentleness. “You also had better not be plotting to overthrow me, as they did.” He tightened his hold, drawing a growl from her, knowing she loved it. “You’ve been my closest companion since the fall, even before. My greatest supporter.” He abruptly leaned forward and bit her throat, sinking deep, until she felt sticky warmth run down her chest. He raised his head, the black life source of her veins decorating his chin. “Do not fail me now.”
Depositphotos_19957321_originalHis eyes flashed full demon. The first demon. Full of fire so deep, so vicious, it couldn’t fully be contained in his mortal form. The center, black depths deeper than the pit. Her blood boiled as his skin steamed. Sweat dotted her brow and ran between her shoulder blades. The flame licked through her body, igniting a hunger beyond lust.
There he was. Her Lucifer. The one she loved and hated with equal ferocity.
Tiriana’s eyes narrowed in brutal desire. “Yes, my lord.”
He crushed her to him, taking her mouth in a savage, bruising kiss. Before she’d registered the movement, he’d slammed her against the glass wall. The force shook the room and sent pain shooting down her spine. She smiled.
“Soon, you’ll be too busy screaming to smile.” His voice was like broken glass, guttural and raw.

“I’m counting on it.”


As a bonus, here’s a song from the playlist. Enjoy!

Never Stop Fighting



For the last #FightFriday of 2017, I’m going back to the beginning.

As I was cleaning out the closet in my office today, I ran across the very first, VERY rough draft of #Rebirth.

The first printing of the first book I ever wrote.

The one that began a completely different way than how it starts now.
A stack of papers containing scary things that make me cringe.
The start of my publishing journey.
The awakening of my true passion.
The fruition of childhood dreams.

All marked with red.
Complete with a smear of my blood.

Talk about #GutsOnThePage.

Hardcover MockUp_Rebirth_front_2.png

That marked up, cringe-worthy, bloody manuscript is now a real, double award-winning novel. And there are 3 other books in the series. So far.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point. I fought, I bled, I clawed, I cried, I yelled, I nearly wore holes in the heavy bag. But now, I’m living my dream. I may not be an NYT best seller yet, but I might just get there. Someday. If I don’t, that’s ok too.

Because I will spread my guts on the page until I have nothing left to give. Whether anyone reads it or not, I’m doing what I love. I’m giving all of myself in what I write. And in doing that, I’ve discovered the true me. I am who I am, past and warts and craziness and all, and I fought to be here. I fought to be her.

And you know what? I won.

I rose above my past, used it to make me better, and used it in a story that so many now love. I couldn’t be happier about that.

But I hope aside from just seeing it as an engaging tale, they see the truth behind it. The truth that sometimes, it takes a long hard struggle to get where you want to be. To become who you were meant to be.

The strongest blades are, after all, forged in the hottest fires.

So the challenge I leave you with going into the new year:

Fight on.

Fight for what you love and fight for yourself. Even when no one else will.

You have the power within you to rise above anything or anyone that comes against you.

Don’t let anything stop you, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Because you’re worth it.

Because in the bloody, horrific throes of battle, you will find your true self, your true strength.

And that’s the greatest victory of all.

Love & hugs,


Writing – As Explained by Firefly

The Overactive Imagination


Sorry for the radio silence recently. Short explanation is I’ve been super busy/lazy. 🙂 But I got the idea for this post at lunch the other day, so I figured I’d continue with the series that started with my Princess Bride posts. Using Firefly/90% of all the best Wash quotes. 🙂

Haven’t seen the Princess Bride posts yet? Check out Part 1, and Part 2.


When your characters decide they want to do something else-

When you get too excited handing out character deaths-

When procrastination hits you hard-

Sometimes going back and reading your writing is like-

Sometimes worldbuilding is hard…

When the plot bunnies spiral out of control-

We all want that giant royalty check, but…

Trying to explain your brilliant story idea to someone. But words…

Reminiscing about that plot twist that readers hate you for-

So there you have it. 🙂 Did…

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Bernie the Cowboy is Here!


Have you met the Promiscus Guardians?

If not, here’s your introduction.

I’ve heard a lot about Bernie the mischievous cowboy guardian, and I can’t wait to meet him! Author Brianna West brings the fun, the adventure, and the heat with this third installment. But enough with me rambling about it. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt that’s sure to get you hooked. Then check out the links below for the FB party, and ways to stay in touch with Brianna, and find out more about her fabulously fun paranormal stories.




Nyla, born and raised in the In-Between realm as the princess of the Spiritum Bellatorum, has been betrothed from birth and forced to conceal the true personality within in order to project herself as nothing but the perfect princess she was taught to be.

When her brother betrays their kind, Nyla acquires an unprecedented mission to find and convince him to come home. Teaming up with the Promiscus Guardians to locate her runaway brother in the mortal realm, Nyla is introduced to the resident comedian and self-proclaimed cowboy Guardian, Bernie.

He is everything she wishes she could be outwardly and she’s instantly intrigued by his happy, easy-going nature. But, like Nyla, Bernie is keeping a part of himself tightly locked away.

What will happen when their barriers start to come down? Will they be able to overcome so many obstacles laid out before them, or will their relationship be torn apart before they have a chance to find something deeper?


And as promised, an excerpt!

Holding me underneath my arms, Bernard lifted me into the air with another shout of joy. “Aren’t you just the prettiest gal at the ball!”

He said I was pretty! He actually said it!

Rigid and unable to get my body to react more than it currently was with my hands painfully clutching his shoulders, I gasped and then forgot how to breathe altogether. I was put down before I could get my brain to work properly, swooped up underneath my knees and carried out into the hallway without a breath in between.

Red suffused my body like I’d been immersed in sweltering heat, blushing a violent blood color. Finally, I was able to deliver a swift, unforgiving hit to the overstepping Guardian. The damaging blow my fist dealt to his stomach took Bernard straight to his knees. And a swift second later, my dagger was at his throat the instant his knees hit the floor.

I kept a weapon on my person always. Even in my cute, frilly dress.

“What right do you have—” I started in a low growl.

Bernard leaned forward, coming within inches of my face and baffling me when he pushed his throat into the blade. I instantly retracted my arm so that the dagger didn’t cut into his skin. And when my eyes flicked back up to his face, Bernard was grinning mischievously.

It was downright illicit the look he gave me. It made my heart start up in my chest and pulse thud loudly in my ears as I hesitated with the dagger still gripped firmly in my hand. Bernard took hold of the wrist that held my weapon, caressing the skin he touched with his thumb. Instantly, I dropped the dagger to the floor, the loud clatter echoing off the walls.

“You are mighty pretty in that dress, miss,” he said in a soft, whispery voice. One I hadn’t been prepared to hear from him.

Electricity shot down my spine and my heart skipped a beat. “What…?”

“You’re not being very nice to this lovesick cowboy,” Bernard continued, grasping my wrist tenderly and taking us to our feet.

But after a few breaths, he still hadn’t pull away and I couldn’t move; only listen as his deep, enchanting baritone continued to murmur to me as only a lover would, making my cheeks incredibly hot with each uttered word.



I’m thinking I need to snag the first two books, then grab Bernie and go hide away with them for a while! Won’t you join me? Get your copy here:



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Find Brianna here for exciting news, amazing merch, and all kinds of fun! Then be sure and head over to the FB party!






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Cover Reveal for Reformation

Reformation teaser

I think I’ve teased and tormented you enough! 

It’s time to finally reveal the truth about the secret project!

I’ve already told you it’s a novelette, and that it’ll be free. There will only be one way to get this story, and that’s by signing up for my newsletter when it debuts in two weeks. I’ll post details on social media and keep you updated!

Now, without further ado, let’s find out what this secret project is all about!


Reformation: The Prequel

From the moment they met, the intense connection between Liz Brantley and Ryland Vaughn ignited a fire that quickly raged to an inferno. Their love survived Liz’s revelation that the spirit world was tangible for her. Ryland accepted all of her, even what she saw as her curse.

That bond is tested when evil is no longer content to observe.

Forced to accept a new, confusing reality, Liz must learn to fight the hounds of Hell, or die trying.

But battling the demons within may be the bloodiest struggle of all.

Will Liz and Ryland be able to endure the new challenges of her gift, or will they be casualties of war?


And finally…the cover!

Reformation_High res

Stay tuned for more details!

Hart of the Storm by Skye Turner


Today I’m all about romance and music! Nothing really new there, but what is new?

Skye Turner’s latest, Hart of the Storm!

Skye captured my interest with this one as soon as she started dropping hints and teasers. Music and sexy/sweet romance? I’m there! Plus, I already love everything else Skye has put out. I knew her latest offering would not disappoint. So when I was asked if I wanted to be part of the release tour, I was all over that like white on rice. Let me give you a little info on the book, then I’ll let you in on the inside scoop.



Amberlee Hart has always had it easy. Her beauty and ability to sing like a Siren have made her a star in Louisiana. Though her dreams are much bigger than “the boot.”

Jeb Storm has always been a tortured soul, judged for his upbringing. Music has always been his escape.

While driving to the most important audition of his life, Jeb stops to help a woman in distress. Amberlee instantly recognizes the “boy from the wrong side of the tracks” who frequented her thoughts “way back when”. Forgotten attraction is rekindled and a relationship is formed.

Passion wars with beautiful music as both pursue their dreams. There can be only one star. Will the man who’s always had to fight for everything in his life forfeit his dream for the one thing he’s never had… love? Will the woman who’s never doubted she’d find fame compromise her dreams for the perfect man? Can love conquer the Hart of the Storm?


From the first chapter, Turner pulls at your heartstrings in this one. She’s good at that! You feel Jeb’s pride in what he’s accomplished despite his upbringing or lack thereof. You feel Amberlee’s passion and longing for something more. And the tension? It’s immediate and doesn’t fade. Since they’re vying for the same prize, it brings a whole mess of complications. Their paths were set, their dreams at their fingertips. They just didn’t count on each other!

Skye has a way of weaving a story that draws you in to her Southern charm and lovable characters. Even though this one is mostly set in L.A., the California kind, you can feel the Southern edge to it, which, being a born and bred belle myself, I adore.

These characters have real problems, concerns, hurts, and joys, even though they’re in situations most of us will never find ourselves in. I love how she writes like she’s sitting in the sweet shop, telling a story to her friends. Her style is personable, fun to read, and the whole time I’m usually sitting there thinking how it sounds exactly like me and my friends! 

And the romance! As usual, Skye knows how to turn up the heat, but she does it with a realness I admire. There’s never a moment where you’re thinking, “Yeah, that would never happen!”.  She makes you feel right along with her characters and I love that. Their passion lights up the page. 

All in all, I loved the story. I wish it wasn’t a stand alone, because I’d love to travel along the road of life with Jeb and Amberlee! [Hint, hint ;)]

If you’re looking for a fun, steamy, and sexy read for those long hot summer days, this book is definitely for you! Guaranteed you’ll need to grab a mint julep or some sweet tea and a fan!

Hart of the Storm is intended for adult readers only. It contains adult language and situations. It is steamy!

Hart of the Storm is available at these retailers.

Now go get to clicking!

Amazon US:



If you’d like to know more about Skye Turner and dive into more of her amazing reads, you can find her at the links below. I suggest you do! And don’t forget to add Hart of the Storm onto your Goodreads Shelf!

Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned writer. She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism. She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, 2 kids, and 8 fur babies. When she’s not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), or catching up on her family oriented blog.